Requests, please

This week marks 2 events in the baking world:

1. It’s national baking week -

2. The Great British Bake Off is over for another year (for those of you who are missing it, this may help to ease the pain -

In fact, make that 3…

3. Baking By Numbers is taking your BAKING REQUESTS

It’s easy:

  • Think of your favourite cake, biscuit, or something fancier (nothing too fancy eh)
  • Tell me what it is (and why) by leaving a comment below, or email your request to
  • I’ll bake it and post the evidence here (disasters included)


8 thoughts on “Requests, please

  1. So, the requests so far…

    Val: Victoria sponge – sorry not to offer more of a challenge! Or lemon drizzle cake.

    Jenni: My favourite is Coffee and Walnut, though I also love fruit cake!

    Anna: “Aunt Arabella’s Lemon iced ginger cake” from Reader’s Digest ‘The Cook’s Scrapbook’ is my all time favourite cake recipe! Proper old fashioned recipe that is amazing every time! Let me know if you want the recipe and can’t find it x

    Miranda: Sounds great. Cake-wise I’m carrot or coffee and walnut…challenge would be some macaroons, YUM! X

    Alex: More brownies please! Mmmmmm!

    Rhiannon: Bara brith would be my suggestion! with loads of salty butter slapped on the slices afterwards!! although it does techinically mean “speckled bread” so maybe it doesn’t count as cake! If not that then have always wanted to make Nutella cupcakes the recipie is in “the primose bakery” book. x x x

    Da-Hae: I hope you’ll be bringing these in!om nom non x

    Rocío: lol you can do it!!

    Cheryl: Millionaires short bread every time for me!

    Clara: Seconding the votes for brownies and millionaire shortbread. also i heard about a chocolate cake which is made with beetroot to keep it moist which I’m curious about… if you have success I might be tempted to give it a go myself!

    Val: Beetroot brownies are nice too.

    Laura: If you want some American inspiration there’s always peanut butter or smores (chocolate and marshmallow) cookies x

    Gareth: My request would be of something from choux pastry, I like chocolate, cream, anything citrussy, and caramel. Something like profiteroles, filled with raspberries and cream, topped with chocolate would be amazing.
    Or, if we’re going cakes, courgette and walnut cake could be rather tasty!

    • What about a date and walnut loaf? Spicy and not too sweet with a delicious texture at times crunchy then smooth. Can be buttered but not bettered IMHO

  2. And another request(s) by email:

    Dear Baking By Numbers,

    I would like to make the following requests:

    1. Chocolate muffins
    2. Chocolate brownies
    3. Chocolate cake
    4. Chocolate cupcakes
    5. Chocolate croissants
    6. Chocolate fudge brownies
    7. Double Chocolate fudge brownies
    8. Triple Chocolate fudge brownies
    9. Chocolate cheesecake
    10. Chocolate fondue

    - but not all on the same day

  3. Another suggestion is: ‘Tarta de Santiago’ which is a delicious almond cake popular in Galicia, particularly in Santiago de Compostela. It looks relatively plain apart from the icing sugar decoration on top, but is rich and yummy. There are loads of recipes for it on the internet.

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