Easy Victoria Sponge Cake

So, not wanting to get too carried away in the first flushes of blogdom…I’m keeping it simple, with a Victoria Sponge.

It being the Jubilee year n all, where better to start than with a British classic.  Keeping it royal. Queen V would be proud, I just know it. (She also kept eggs in old chinese take-way cartons, so I’m told).


Weigh the eggs


To make the perfect Victoria Sponge, first weigh the eggs (I used 4 as the tin was huge), then weigh out all the other ingredients to the same weight as the eggs.  (Much sought after family cooking secret, revealed).

My 4 eggs weigh 252gr, so I weigh out 252gr of self-raising flour, caster sugar and margarine (Stork on this particular occasion, because a. ‘softened’ butter generally end up as liquid butter under my supervision, and b. because corner shops just love a bit of Stork (it’s perfect for cakes, you see)).

Flour & butter

Then the same amount of sugar and flour


...and the marg


You know the end of the story, I’m sure you do.  Add all the ingredients together into a mixing bowl, and whisk together.  (At this point, I also need a tall person to get the whisk from the too-high-cupboard).

When the mixture is light, smooth and runny, pour it into your tin/s. Bowl – tin – oven – and out again.

Victoria Sponge

Strip lighting glow


Destined for a hen-do, this particular Victoria Sponge cake went off piste.

Cake with icing

Precision icing

4 eggs
SR flour (same weight as the eggs)
Caster sugar (same weight as the eggs)
Margarine or softened butter (same weight as the eggs)
Icing sugar
Strawberry jam (from Lidl, honest)
Tall person (if required)

Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 4 or… Fahrenheit? and grease your 8inch tin/s (either one big one, or 2 small).
Put all ingredients into a mixing bowl and whisk until smooth and light in colour.
Pour the mixture into the tin/s and put on the middle shelf of the oven (or the top if like our oven this is the only place things cook).
Cook for about 20-25mins if 2 tins, and 40-50 if just one.  (Don’t like me be impatient and open the oven door too early…o, and check it’s done by putting a skewer or knife into the middle – if it comes out covered in sloppy mixture, it’s not ready.)

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